Teaching Philosophy

I am committed to quality teaching, and I value the new perspectives that I have gained throughout my classroom interactions with students. My teaching approach consists of integrating knowledge and critical thinking. In lectures, I entice students to use the information provided and actively interact to build new knowledge from their own experiences. In labs, I strive to challenge students intellectually, promote discussion, and foster collaborations. I believe that each student is unique in his/her learning style, and I struggle to personalize my teaching style to maximize learning. I believe that the advantages of new technologies, such as the instant student participation with remote clickers, are promoting a more engaging and effective learning environment. Likewise, I found that one-to-one interactions have been a successful and rewarding component of my teaching style. I spend considerable time preparing lectures and assisting students in achieving their potential. I strongly believe that students learn by applying concepts to solve problems derived from real-life situations such as the application of statistical tools to primary literature data. I am very excited to bring my enthusiasm and commitment to the intellectual growth and maturation of graduate and undergraduate students. I also give special care to students with disabilities by providing attention to their unique needs. Likewise, I follow the academic institution policies on ethics. My experience includes

2021 - present (Spring) BIO/BIT 209: Workshop in Applied Bioinformatics using R and Python (Principal Instructor) I am teaching a graduate course in bioinformatics. For the course website, see this link

2017 - present (Fall) Biology 1001: Evolution, Classification, Population Biology and Ecology (Principal Instructor) I am teaching an undergraduate core course on biological diversity, notions of evolutionary biology and ecology. For the course outline (see PDF)

2015 - Phylogenetic Comparative Methods (Principal Instructor) I taught a full course in the current application of comparative methods to phylogenetic tests of evolutionary/ecological hypotheses for graduate students. 2-3 hr credit course. For the course website, see this link

2013 - 2014 Multivariate Statistics applications on Ecology (Guest lecture) This was a 2 hour-long introduction to advanced multivariate statistics to graduate students with relevant examples for ecological and evolutionary problems.

2008 - 2009 Biostatistics (Graduate Student Instructor) Developed, organized, taught laboratories and experimental designs for senior undergraduates with Biology major.

2007 - 2008 Physiology and Functional Anatomy (Graduate Student Instructor) Organized and taught laboratories for pre-med/pre-nursing undergraduates.

2005 - 2006 Genetics (Graduate Student Instructor) Organized and taught laboratories for Biology major undergraduates.